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Working closely with our suppliers, we choose clothing that guarantees fair and sustainable production.
We have always wanted to create a brand that was an extension of our worldview. A brand that reflected not only our style choices, but also our personalities. A single approach and a single state of mind, as important in our domestic lives as within VOLGO.



Our approach to iconographic design for our products draws inspiration from nature and the outdoors. We are inspired by the images that the environment offers us, drawing from this “creative lymph” for our illustrations.
The environment we refer to is not only the natural one but also the cultural one in which we were born and in which we raise our children, a cultural environment rich in syncretism and traditionally inclusive. We therefore believe that it is imperative to ensure that our forests, the cultures that inhabit them in the near future are still there to be explored by future free thinkers.


Sustainability is important to VolgoStudio. We’re getting greener every step of the way, while still providing you with the quality products you deserve. There are a lot of reasons why a product or material could be considered sustainable. Currently, at VolgoStudio our eco-friendly product collection consists of items made of at least 70% organic or recycled materials, or a mix of these materials. At VolgoStudio all apparel products are packed in post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic mailers. PCR packaging is made from everyday items, like used plastic bags and bottles. This material protects your order just as well as regular plastic bags, however, choosing PCR over first-use plastics reduces the environmental impact plastic has on our planet.


VolgoStudio works with on-demand suppliers, we only produce items we get an order for, avoiding textile waste from overproduction. Our printing partner’s high-quality printing tech creates almost no wastewaters and uses less energy than standard industry printers. Each product you see in our catalog is made on-demand—once you place an order, we produce it specifically for you. This allows us to avoid overproduction and textile waste, and we’re continuously working toward greener production.

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